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About HWY7 Auto Collision

In today’s edgy and perilous driving environment, everyone seems to be in a rush.  Weather on the Daytona 401 or Laguna Seca Young St, accidents involving automobile collisions seem to be everywhere. And when it comes to learning what to do concerning your collision repair, the decisions can be daunting. 

Choosing where to take your car and what to do first, second and third is not something most people have a lot of experience in.  Most people call their Insurance Company who will try to push their “preferred” repair facilities where they have a prescribed discounted labor rate and often require the body shops to give a percentage or “bottom line discount” back to them for sending them your business. The results are that the “preferred” shops generally take care of the insurance companies’ interests before yours.

Another place people call for their collision repair and direction is the place where they bought their car or perhaps they have a friend in the business.  Bottom line where ever you decide to take your car for repairs the results of those repairs done properly or not are what is left behind and can affect severely the overall value of your vehicle. We as drivers often do not keep the same Insurance companies, sales people switch jobs and dealers open and close but the vehicle that you own is yours and the quality of the repairs is what your decisions have led you to

Simply put it is difficult to find a collision repair shop that you can trust. At one point or another, each of us will require the services of a reputable and reliable repair shop – the average collision in Ontario is one every seven years or so, and when it happens hopefully it will be for a simple dent.

Here at Hwy 7 Auto Collision we simply bring the peace of mind that you are being taken care of honestly and sincerely.

We also know how to guide you effectively and seamlessly through the repair process and the claims process. Quite simply, we want to deliver a streamlined approach to collision repair, where we repair your vehicle to “pre-accident” condition, and make the entire collision repair experience rewarding and stress-free.

At Hwy 7 Auto Collision we want to be your first thought, your first impulse following a collision or found unwanted damage.   We are here for your needs. 

HWY 7 Auto Collision works with practically every major automobile dealer in the GTA, and all major insurance companies. Our repair teams are highly trained and qualified (we have more than 20 technicians), and our front office staff has a level of experience and expertise that is hard to match in the collision repair industry. We have six frame machines; five prep stations; three paint booths. Everything we do is intended to deliver on our promise; the highest quality work, and to get you back on the road in the shortest possible time - which is where you belong.

We’ll get things going for you with a FREE, no-obligation estimate - whether it’s a bumper scratch, a complete panel replacement, or something more involved like a frame repair.  You can be sure that the estimate will be honest and accurate. Most importantly, our aim is to do the job and exceed industry standards, and to provide a finished collision repair that is proper and precise the first time.

You may also be glad to know that we are environmentally conscious, our paint department uses PPG Envirobase- a high-quality finish without the VOC's that pollute.

At HWY 7 Auto Collision, there really isn’t a repair job we can't handle.  We have the latest training, tools and equipment to accurately accommodate today’s ever-changing auto industry, and are continuously upgrading as technology shifts year after year. Together with you and your insurance company, we’ll recommend the best course of action, whether it’s one of those minor, annoying door dings, or something requiring major collision metal work and refinish

And as an added value, every vehicle we repair gets our exclusive exterior and interior clean up. When you come pick up your vehicle from us it will feel like the day you first picked up your car including the “ear to ear” smile.

After thousands and thousands of automotive repairs, we’ve established a sound reputation both within the insurance industry and throughout the GTA and surrounding communities.  Our reputation is one for quality workmanship, great customer service and prompt on time deliveries - just ask any of our satisfied customers.

We look forward to meeting you and letting us take care of your needs and most importantly, Getting you back where you belong!

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Why Choose Us?

We are a fully equiped collision repair facility with the ability to repair any and all jobs from small bumper scratches to panel replacement and frame repair.

We have the best people and the best equipment to get the job done properly and effieciently.

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